Amer Almasri


  • UAE



Being a former amateur bodybuilder, I was mainly engaged in weight lifting and resistance exercises for many years. As a result, to my dedication to bodybuilding sport, I had won several junior and senior amateur bodybuilding competitions in my hometown, Jordan. And was a member of Jordanian national bodybuilding team for few years.

Following that stage of my sport life, my belief in cross training became stronger. And while I still practice bodybuilding, I also practice yoga, running, swimming, scuba and free diving.

This is all to develop my cardio vascularity level, body flexibility, mobility and strength from different aspects and angles.

In this journey, I realized that one of the key factors to improve my performance in whatever sport I am doing is Breathing!

Breathing correctly and efficiently helped me a lot to perform better in all types of workout I do. While searching for the best method to improve my breathing; I found Oxygen Advantage book which was an eye opener for me on the breathing knowledge. After seeing positive results from applying the suggested breathing exercises in the book; I decided to participate in Oxygen Advantage Instructor course, so I can further improve my breathing skills and help effectively my fitness and diving clients to do the same.

My ideal clients are sports enthusiasts who are serious about improving their health and fitness.


  • Fitness Personal Instructor
  • PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
  • Oxygen Advantage Instructor
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