Amra Đumišić
United States of America


  • United States of America



Amra’s journey into the world of breath began several years ago, when she started researching and reading scientific publications about breathing techniques and their positive effects on physical and mental health, and on athletic performance. 

She is an avid practitioner of Wim Hof Method. She has certified in the Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko methods, recognizing how they can be used simply and safely by people of all ages, including people with chronic health conditions. Both methods have provided her both with practical knowledge in terms of breathing exercises and with a strong theoretical understanding of the effects of these exercises have on our physiology. 

Her belief that functional breathing can improve quality of life by optimizing mental and physical health motivates her to share this very widely.  She is passionate about helping others become more aware of their breathing patterns and to learn to adopt simple breathing exercises into daily life, in order to lead happier and healthier lives. She is particularly interested in helping people suffering from PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, asthma, and stress as well as anyone interested in improving their sports performance, mental resilience, immune system, and concentration. 

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