Andraž Kožar


  • Slovenia


Architect, graphic designer, 3D artist… and musician… An athlete at heart, primarily a mountain biker, mountain runner, and backcountry skier, formerly a ski jumper and snowboarder.

In my work, there is a very fine line between increased stress due to a lack of or an excess of work, economic and financial fluctuations, and many other factors beyond our control. All of this kept me restless both day and night. Sleepless nights, hyperventilation, panic attacks, running thoughts, arrhythmias and more have often brought me to the brink of burnout.

I accumulated all of this within myself my whole life, sitting on the bank where the river flows the most fiercely.

But those who seek will find – thanks to my curious, exploratory, and persistent nature, I came across the Oxygen Advantage program. With its help, I took my first real breath and swam to the calmer side of the river.

Now, I teach my children and myself functional breathing, and my wish is to help all those who are ready to listen and improve their lives with such an elementary movement as breathing. My main interest is in spreading the importance and understanding of functional breathing in sports and raising awareness among as many children and parents, especially future parents, about the importance of breathing for kids development and growth. How crucial it is for the development of the face, intellect, focus, and consequently happiness and health in life. Today we live in a world of anxiety, a desire for instant solutions, and an excess of stimuli…

Perhaps the right breath is the only true weapon for one’s own peace and happiness in life.

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