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I’m Andrew Carruthers, Founder of The Journeyist, and I support people on their life’s journey. Exploration looks different for each client and my goal is always to make it as authentic to the individual as possible. Sometimes, that means working with traditional coaching methods I’ve studied for the past 17 years. Or, it’s taking a trip inward to connect to the body’s intelligence through Multiple Brain Integration Techniques. And, it could even look like an open and honest conversation between two friends. The client and I design each session together based on what is most needed in that moment, not on an outlined program.

The 22 years I’ve spent in education and the 17 years I spent as a hairdresser gave me the opportunity to get pretty damn good at connecting with other humans and shaping concepts that can feel overwhelming into a more approachable and digestible package. The time spent on challenging motorcycle trips, training in the harmonious martial art of Aikido, and a deep connection to the outdoors keeps me grounded to the true human experience… all of this informs my style and approach with my clients. The goal isn’t just to change the way we think or act, it’s to change the way we are being in the world.

This journey can open some pretty incredible doors within people, and I don’t take that lightly. Providing an ethical and safe space to explore without any fear of judgement are guiding elements in my work, so I’ve invested heavily in my training. I’m an Oxygen Advantage breathwork Advanced Instructor; I’ve studied with Soul Salt Academy, Ultimate Coach University, the International Coach Federation, Fierce Conversations; and I’m a certified mBIT Coach and Coach Trainer to make sure I have the chops needed to support others. I’m kind of a knowledge junky so I’m constantly exploring and training in new concepts and techniques within coaching, embodiment, breathwork, and spirituality. Oh, and my dogs teach me a lot too. Rosco keeps me light hearted and Okie inspires me to just chill the F out once in a while.

I know I’m the right fit for some and there will be a better fit elsewhere for others, so let’s set up an exploration call where we can discover what your needs are! You have my word that I will be open and honest about what I can offer, and if it’s not the right thing, I will never take a client just to fill a spot in my schedule.

I won’t guarantee any magic fixes to your problems. Mainly because I don’t believe you are broken! What I can promise is awareness, exploration, and deeper connection to who and what you truly are if you are ready to take the journey.

I live in Talent, Oregon USA and I do most of my work via Zoom.

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