Andrew Duckham
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


Since having to stop playing competitive rugby in my mid-twenties due to a series of injuries – fitness and physical performance have since been the ruling focus of my passion.

Whilst carrying out research into improving athletic performance, I discovered the Oxygen Advantage. It was at this point that I realised just how inefficient my own breathing had been during my days of playing rugby, and more recently in my own training and day to day life.

The results I have since experienced implementing the Oxygen Advantage techniques have been nothing but transformational, and it is due to this that I now want to share this knowledge.

Understanding what I do now about the breath and realising how useful this would have been whilst I was competing, has led me to want to work with other athletes and sports clubs, of all levels, looking to utilise the breath in order to create a performance edge.

As a qualified PT I will also be implementing breathwork into my programming for individuals of all levels of fitness – as I improve their health, fitness and wellness on a much wider scale than a traditional ‘’sets and reps’’ approach would. Seeing vast improvements in focus, attention, sleep and generally feeling more vitalised during daily life really does mean the benefits are for everyone, from busy professionals to top end athletes.

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