Andrew Gemmell


  • Australia



Andrew has a deep interest in human performance and wellbeing, through “working well” and “living well”. He helps leaders understand wellbeing at any given time and its impact on productivity. Wellbeing, and a strong sense of balance plays directly into the arena of better business outcomes, improved psychological safety and effective problem solving.

Apart from being an Advanced Instructor, Andrew has a Bachelor of Commerce and is an accredited Organisational Coach (Level 1) through the Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership. He is accredited in applying the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey and studying a Certification in Self-Regulation through the MEHRIT Centre from Canada. 

Andrew’s focus is on applying the Oxygen Advantage principles and methodologies to assist executives navigating highly stressful environments and build resilience. On a personal level he practises breathing daily and applies hormetic stress modalities into his own wellness routines.

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