Andy Marr


  • Scotland


  • AYR

I am a counsellor, psychotherapist and breathing coach.

On the therapy side, I work with people experiencing problems with their mental health, stress and/or chronic pain, as well as people suffering from long Covid. I combine breathing techniques with CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy); I find this approach to be more effective than CBT alone. I have my own practice and although I work closely with the NHS, I am open to all.

I started with breathing while training to become a therapist. Exercises were being recommended (for anxiety) but with little additional explanation. My research led me to Patrick´s work and I quickly recognised that my own breathing was ‘dysfunctional’. I had recently given up a management job at London Heathrow (along with a 30 year career in aviation) due to stress, insomnia, and a lifetime of gut problems. Realising that my breathing had played a significant part in my struggles was life-changing.

Outside of work, I have always had a passion for sport and fitness. I qualified at one time as a Personal Trainer, taking on primarily ‘older’ clients similar to myself.

When restrictions lift, I hope to work more with golfers. Perhaps more than most sports, golf involves an element of stress that can often lead to much performance-limiting frustration. I have already seen how players benefit greatly from learning breathing techniques to combat this. I currently offer Oxygen Advantage workshops to clubs in Ayrshire and South-West Scotland, but again, I am open to all, not just golf, from any sport.

As I public gym-goer all my life – I love the ambience, I enjoy helping fellow gym buffs to improve their fitness levels through breathing techniques, which they soon discover (and it is inspiring to witness)…improves their lives along the way.