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Ann Kamille Thomsen


Hi I am Ann Kamille, advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor, certified neo cognitive stress coach, certified Meta health coach, trained in EFT and hypno therapy.  My purpose is to support people restore their balance and reconnecting to their natural state of being.

My special field of interest through personal experience is the empowerment of women during and after menopause.   Female breathing patterns and overall wellbeing can be heavily influenced by the hormonal changes during menopause and can lead to dysfunctional breathing patterns. This often causes poor sleep or even sleep apnea, weight gain, heatwaves, brain fog, depression and anxiety etc.

I found it fascinating that conscious breathing practices can restore the breathing pattern and refuel the restorative and self regulating systems in our body and mind.

Through daily breathwork and the return to a functional breathing pattern, have turned my sleeping quality back to normal and within 8 weeks I lost 25 pounds of excess bodyweight gained during menopause.

The sacred breath is our life force and is an excellent tool for self regulation and optimal health, yet often disrupted through traumatic experience or a stressful and busy lifestyle. I am blown away by its healing capacities and that mostly no external supplements are needed as we connect to the power within our DNA and perfect design.

My sessions are always based on an individual analysis and unique needs of the client. It never stop to amaze me to watch the shifts in overall mental an psychical well being .

If you want to reconnect to a silent mind and your natural state of well being please feel free to contact me

I do personal sessions In Copenhagen and Svendborg as well as zoom classes.

Languages: Danish, Scandinavian and English