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Holistic Health Coaching & Psychotherapy with Ann-Marie James, MA, BACP Accredited Therapist & UKHCA Certified Health Coach

With over 15 years’ experience , my work now focuses on the blend of mind & body for optimum emotional & physical health. I blend physical activity, breath training, nutrition coaching and movement therapy to support people motivated for deep change in their emotional and/or physical health.

I believe in the power of breath as the most fundamental aspect of our wellness. I teach my clients how to use breath for stress resilience, anxiety, recovery from trauma, and self-optimisation. I completed the Oxygen Advantage training, along with a wide range of other breathwork training, to offer my clients ways to improve their health on a powerful, everyday level that helps them better deal with stress, anxiety and sports or work performance. 

To this end I offer a range of coaching packages from 6 sessions to six months with a focus determined by you, whether that’s breath, nutrition, mental health or all of the above.

I currently work in person in Reading, UK and online.

If you feel ready to be your best self and aren’t afraid to work hard for it, I would love to hear from you.  Initial video/phone consultations are free of charge.

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