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Oman, United Kingdom


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Passionate about the benefits of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle in our busy, modern world and believe in taking a holistic approach to our well-being: integrating exercise, nutrition, sleep and breathing to optimise our physical and mental health.

Engineer by profession, instructor in Yoga and Pilates, keen swimmer and triathlete. Trained in Buteyko Breathing in 2012, enthusiastic advocate of Oxygen Advantage since 2016 and Advanced Instructor since 2021.

Particularly drawn to Oxygen Advantage due to it being a scientifically proven, structured technique which can be easily integrated into everyday life and lead to numerous, measurable positive benefits. Oxygen Advantage has helped me clear up a long-term sinus issue, enhance my sports performance, boost energy levels, improve sleep quality, reduce recovery time and has kept me injury free.

Raising 3 active kids, I understand the stresses and challenges of maintaining a healthy work life balance for all family members and strongly believe there are significant benefits for children in learning how breathing can enhance their health and well-being, especially those suffering from anxiety.

Please contact me via email [email protected] for a free 30mins introductory video chat – I’d love to help you.

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