Anna Marie Gough
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


Anna has a wealth of knowledge around holistic wellbeing. She qualified in the Oxygen Advantage Technique in December 2021 to add to her teachings with Pranayama breath techniques, so whether its for endurance, emotional or spiritual wellbeing or support with physical illness, she has developed her experience and knowledge to be able to offer ALL the incredible benefits of different breathing methods.

I’ve worked with professional Sportspeople who are looking to improve sleep and overall health, and also focusing on their stamina, enabling them to reach their highest potential, with less post training malaise, to holding group retreats and breath sessions in studios on online.  My passion is to get to the core of each individual and create a bespoke support package and work on the person as a whole, sharing my own experiences and knowledge with nutrition.

The Oxygen Advantage Training Programme has given me personally a much greater feeling of wellbeing and I look forward to helping others achieve superior focus and enhanced energy/mental performance.

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