Anne Saint Cirgue


  • France



I am a certified yoga instructor located in France (Strasbourg), teaching Hatha yoga, Pranayama & Breathwork, both in studio and via zoom.
My yoga practice started in Australia more than 25 years ago and although I worked as an engineer in the automotive industry, yoga was, and still is, my safe place to be. Followed Ireland, France & Germany, it is finally in Hong Kong that I decided to leave the corporate world and teach as my main activity. 
It is also in Hong Kong that I discovered “functional” breathing. In my practice I had been exposed to pranayama exercises but it was with my teacher there, Wendy Wyvill, that I discovered I had dysfunctional breathing patterns. Through her teaching and training, I was introduced to the work of Robin Rothenberg, “Restore your Prana”, and to Patrick McKeown’s “Buteyko method”. The approach, which combines the science of breath and the yogic world, resonated with me immediately. With my engineering background I needed to understand what was going on and I was amazed to learn how our overall well being relies on how we breathe. 

Now as an OA certified instructor I feel even more confident teaching the science of breath and can go further in helping out students with potential health issues such as chronic stress, anxiety, poor sleep, etc.    and get them to experiment the benefits of functional breathing together with yoga.

My yoga has evolved from a “just move with the breath” practice to a “consciously subtle breath in service of the mouvement”, allowing me to go further in some postures and having more focus and energy on and off the mat.

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