Aodhnait Lombard
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom



Aodhnait’s background is a combination of neuroscience, performance athletics, massage therapy & other health & performance tools such as a Wim Hof instructor. From this platform, the Oxygen Advantage & other breathing modalities make perfect sense to use as a tool on the path towards optimal health. Her goal is to provide intellectual AND experiential learning to each participant, starting at whichever level they arrive. She regards each person as an expert in their own physiology and therefore collaborates with all those who commit to taking part.

Having self-experimented with a variety of “health” modalities and traveled extensively, her successes and failures have let her to appreciate that the ‘one-size fits all’ approach to health is a misconception. This motivates her to create an experience tailored towards each individual’s unique goals. By exploring the gradual improvement in breath patterns, people leave with a skillset that can be applied in their daily lives.

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