Argie Zakaria


  • Greece


Introducing Argie, a passionate water sports enthusiast and seasoned instructor with an unwavering love for outdoor exploration and thrilling adventures. From the early days of freediving to entering the world of kitesurfing in 2004, Argie’s journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of exhilarating experiences.

In 2016, Argie took a transformative leap, transitioning from the serene waters to the bustling corporate world. It was during this time that he discovered the transformative power of yoga and meditation, using them as anchors to stay centered amidst the demands of a fast-paced lifestyle.

As Argie delved deeper into the realm of holistic well-being, he found his breath to be the key to unlocking a profound sense of balance and stress management. The turning point came during the challenging days of the COVID-19 pandemic when he wholeheartedly embraced the Wim Hof Method, witnessing firsthand its extraordinary impact on his overall well-being.

Motivated by this life-changing experience, Argie committed himself to formal training and emerged as a certified Wim Hof Method instructor.

Eager to share the transformative potential of this powerful method, he embarked on a mission to empower others on their wellness journey.

In 2022, Argie further expanded his expertise by completing the Pranayama Teacher Training, deepening his understanding of breathwork.

The year 2023 marked another milestone as he achieved the status of an Oxygen Advantage – Advanced instructor, solidifying his commitment to advancing the science of breathing.

Argie’s unique journey, blending a passion for water sports with a dedication to breathwork, positions him as a motivational guide and professional instructor. His infectious enthusiasm and commitment to holistic well-being make him a valuable asset in guiding others toward unlocking their full potential through the transformative power of breath.

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