Ashby Smith


  • Australia


Dr Ashby Smith is an Advanced Sports Osteopath and Strength & Conditioning Coach who has worked with athletes all over the world, and is currently based in Perth, Western Australia. He has trained elite Surfers, Volleyballers, Basketballers, Crossfitters, and Australian Football (AFL) athletes to further their health and performance. Alongside his clinical practice, he is the head of Strength and Rehab at East Perth Football Club (WAFL). Ash graduated from the Royal Melbourne Insititute of Technology (RMIT) in 2018 as an Osteopath and has worked in clinics in Perth, Melbourne, the AIS in Canberra, remote Western and South Australia, Fiji, Maldives, and both Goa and Mumbai in India. During his Osteopathic training he was taught the importance of functional breathing and the importance that the diaphragm has on overall health, both visceral and physical. This lead him to further his clinical practice to include breathing assessments and training.

He was drawn to Oxygen Advantage in 2020 when he had a significant long-COVID response, leading him to suffer intense hayfever for over a year which severely impacted his physical performance. He found that Oxygen Advantage had a strong scientific backing and delved deep within the literature, which aligned strongly with his values as a clinician. Within 2 months, Ash had overcome his breathing difficulties and was back to full activities including surfing, running, and swimming. In 2023 Ash completed his Functional Breathing Instructor course and has been running group sessions and clinical sessions in Perth, WA.

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