Bart Eigenhuis


  • Netherlands



Bart is a certified Oxygen Advantage instructor, Wim Hof instructor, Breath & Cold trainer, intermittent fasting expert, motivator, ultra trailrunner, former commander and entrepreneur. He lives in the Dutch town of Soest where he teaches groups and individuals to get a better handle on their mental and physical health. Bart’s background includes military service with the Corps Command troops and business entrepreneurship. The Eigenhuis Groep which he founded with his brother in 1994 has grown into a large company with 170 employees and branches throughout the Netherlands. Retired since 2014 Bart now spends more time on his passions, one of which is running and trail running. To date he has completed 90 marathons (including Ultras). In 2014 he walked the multi-day Marathon Des Sables, and in 2016 the Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc. In October of 2017, he participated in one of the toughest multi-day running races in the world ‘The Jungle Marathon’ in Brazil. Bart’s other passion and ambition is to be able to convey motivating, stimulating and health-promoting training. His interest in the body, the mind, food and exercise, combined with his experiences as a person, partner, father, entrepreneur, ex-commander, sportsman and adventurer, make him passionate about imparting his knowledge. Training as an Oxygen Advantage instructor has greatly enriched his knowledge about the importance of quiet breathing. Bart is currently training to become a Buyteko practitioner.

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