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Dr. Beau Sauls is a functional movement doctor who is the leading expert in a 3D motion functional movement analysis technology and the CEO of Kinetic Centre. He utilizes the technology to highlight the cause of neuromusculoskeletal pain and injuries, while focusing on decreasing pain, increasing function and athletic performance, and decreasing risk of future injury. Dr. Beau has worked with multiple professional teams and athletes including MLB (Atlanta Braves), NBA, NFL, MMA and NCAA.

Dr. Beau is a doctor of chiropractic who practiced as a functional movement rehab specialist for over 3 years before becoming a doctor. Not only does he focus on pain and injuries, Dr. Beau successfully treats diseases such as MS, RA, RSD, and other systemic and neurological disorders. By looking at the body through motion, he can identify where the nervous system is lacking functionality and how previous injuries/diseases have affected patients current health status. He will be integrating the Oxygen Advantage methods to treat all areas of disease, decrease pain, decrease risk of injury and increase athletic performance.

His main physical location is Kinetic Centre Dallas in North Dallas, Tx. This is where Dr. Beau performs advanced myofascial therapies, 3D functional movement and sports movement analysis and prescribes at home rehab plans for each individual. He will be providing in person OA rehab in Dallas and at his second location in Frisco, Tx. Dr. Beau will also be hosting online seminars for Oxygen Advantage breathing techniques paired with functional movement coaching/rehab.

The perfect patients for Dr. Beau are athletes looking to perfect their movement patterns, decrease risk of injury and perform at a higher level with movement analysis and OA breathing techniques. If you have an injury or disease you are trying to treat and improve, Dr. Beau can help you virtually or in person in Dallas.

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