Ben McKerrell


  • Australia


Ben is an Exercise Physiologist and founder of Respire Performance located on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. He has always had a deep interest in the breath and how it relates to all aspects of human health and performance. He works with people suffering from chronic pain, chronic fatigue and recurrent injuries, and manages these condition through his three unique programs – Restore, Respire and Resilience.

Restore identifies, evaluates and treats movement-pattern disorder and how it presents in the body as chronic pain and injury. Through movement-retraining, Ben is able to remove compensation from the body and re-establish correct movement patterns, thereby removing pain and injury.

Respire – based on the Oxygen Advantage method – identifies, evaluates and treats breathing-pattern disorder and how it presents in the body as chronic fatigue and low physical/mental energy. Through respiration-retraining, Ben is able to improve the mechanics and chemistry of breathing, and thereby increase energy and fitness in the body.

Resilience combines the Restore & Respire programs, and then builds on it with functional performance training to promote a high level of physical strength, stamina and function.

With a strong foundation in biomechanics, functional anatomy, and the integrated nature of the human body, Ben has been able to help many individuals overcome their conditions and regain their resilience.

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