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Benjamin Hamlett Health Performance Coach

A former professional footballer, accredited ASCA Strength and Conditioning coach with a Bachelor of Psychology, FMA Movement Health, FRC Mobility specialist and trained in a number of corrective exercise and rehabilitation techniques. A Vipassana meditator since 2012, with experiences sitting at a number of 10 day silent retreats.

Ben’s mission is to empower people with a holistic perspective to their health and guide them in developing the skills and tools to become grounded in their body, express themselves with confidence and experience great health in their life’s pursuits. He is passionate about helping people realise the foundation to achieving their goals whether physical, professional, mental or spiritual and experiencing the life they desire begins with awareness and optimal breathing patterns.

Having run a successful business since 2015 working with a wide range of individuals from 1 on 1 coaching in gyms. To consulting and facilitating programs in entire sporting, corporate and school organisations developing personalised health and wellness protocols centred on the breath, quality movement and health psychology.

From elite to recreational athletes, youth athletes, people suffering from long term pain, rehabilitating injury, mental health disorders, high performing and stressed out corporates and weekend warriors a like.

Ben’s clients become more connected to their breath and utilise this innate power to be able to develop a greater sense of focus, equanimity, confidence and peace in their personal situations enhancing the outcomes of wellbeing, health, performance and experiencing success across all domains of life.

Ben first developed a breathing / meditation practice in his sporting career in 2012 to overcome a number of serious injuries.

Integrating the oxygen advantage method in his own performance and practice as a professional athlete. Experiencing incredible results from enhancing healing of injuries, greater physical capacity, being able to run out games harder than opponents and further the enhance the ability to drop into heightened states of focus, FLOW.

Along with cultivating a more grounded and calm state of being in everyday life and greater resilience when experiencing challenging or dark  times.

Feeling called to share this with clients and educate people on how they to, can experience incredible results in their health and life pursuits by connecting to their breath and developing a daily practice of optimal breathing patterns; the foundation to great health.

Teaching both online and face to face. Ben is well sought out by people who are interested in enhancing their health and performance, who may have explored or read about the breath or meditation and are interested to see how they can apply this in their own lives to overcome personal challenges or gain the next level in themselves to enhance their performance and quality of life.

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