Bernd Reicheneder


  • Germany


I’ve always been busy and adventurous. Exploring and playing in nature is part of my village culture and upbringing. Sport & fitness became an integral part of my life from childhood on.

I started practicing Shotokan karate seriously, starting in 1989 and active practice lasted for over 20 years, because I loved the deep philosophy and the enhanced techniques of this extremely aesthetic martial art and rose to 2nd Dan.

After completing vocational training as a technical draftsman and successfully completing a Diploma in Sports Science in 2005 and a Magister Artium in Classical Archeology in 2010, I worked in the classic fitness industry and in company sports at Telefonica / O2, Siemens and other companies in Munich and Straubing.

I specialized more and more in the direction of movement screening and function and movement restoration. During the intensive work with Muscle Function Diagnostics and the Functional Movement Screen, I looked for ways to individually determine the movement and posture problems of my customers through testing and to restore them with targeted mobility, strength and movement training.

After I got to know Vic Verdier, the right hand man of MovNat founder Erwan Le Corre, at a MovNat workshop in Berlin in 2011, I intuitively decided to focus all of my work on MovNat and similar methods for restoring the evolutionary-biological needs of humans to crown my previous work with MovNat. It became clear very quickly. The transfer of knowledge about therapy, restoration and maintenance of the independent and natural health of people. In this area I am considered a pioneer of the Natural Movement in Europe.

I work as a freelancer part of the headquarters of MovNat LLC, MovNat Master Trainer, Team Instructor, MovNat Online Coach, Aquatics and Combatives Trainer, specialist in Functional Movement Screen, Oxygen Advantage (breathing) and Primal Health Coach (nutrition and lifestyle).

In addition, I work on several projects and companies in the areas of education, personal training, group training, retreats, online formats, guest trainers at congresses, webinars and I am the author of “Paleo Workouts – The natural movement training” (BLV 2016) and its New edition “Fit and Healthy with Natural Movement” (RIVA 2021).

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