Björn Mårtensson
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


Bjorn is a self-defence, yoga & breathwork teacher based in Gloucestershire. After completing his Animal Flow and yoga teaching qualification, he has undergone subsequent training to deepen his knowledge and interest in functional movement and breathing, including the Oxygen Advantage Breath Instructor training.

Suffering from a previously mostly sedentary lifestyle, all his embodied practises stems from his decade long journey of self-healing. He now teaches a non-traditional style of yoga called Dynamic Breathwork and Embodied Movement, which is informed by the latest research into how the body works and the effects on the nervous system.

Using tried and tested techniques, Bjorn teaches people how to overcome dysfunction and deal with stress, so that they feel a greater sense of calm and wellbeing in their daily lives. Bjorn can help people experiencing sleep-related issues (such as snoring and insomnia), asthma, anxiety and depression as well as athletes looking to improve their performance.

Bjorn develops bespoke programmes to suit the needs of private clients, small groups and corporate companies, both in-person and online.

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