Brandon Pledger
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I am currently working as a Fitness Coach at Fit Body Boot Camp in Fern Creek, Louisville. I have been there for about 3 years, coaching both group classes in person and online. I also coach clients online, helping the maintain their health and fitness goals, and guide them through their nutrition plans. I am also a former collegiate wrestler and current jiu-jitsu practitioner of 20+ years now (having just received my purple belt). I am also working on creating aN online workout program tailored to grapplers/jiujitsu practitioners; blending together grappling drills, HIIT, and yoga.

My other certifications include: ACE Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Lvl-1, and Yoga Renew Yoga Certification. I am using this Breathing instructor certification to integrate into not only my daily coaching practice, and for my future endeavors with my Jiujitsu workout system. With proper breathing playing such an integrate role in both, and in daily life I general, it was obvious that this certification would only help me serve others in a more impactful way.

In my own personal life, I had childhood asthma; Anyone else have that little green machine with a fish mask? I also suffer from sleep apnea and have begun steps to help correct this issue, thanks to this certification.

I look forward to learning more about my own breathing and also help others find the many benefits that come with proper breathing, which many (including myself prior to this course) are unaware of at the moment.

Address: 8517 Carmil Dr. Louisville, KY 40291


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