Brett Mallett


  • Australia


Brett works as a High Performance Coach with a variety of High Level Professional and junior athletes in NRL, Rugby Union, Boxing, MMA and Muay Thai. He has also worked with Special forces, Triathletes, Wing suit Jumpers and Professional gamblers and Corporate Clientele.

Specializing in Strength and Conditioning, Breath work and Advanced Neuromuscular Activation techniques coupled with a strong focus on improving nutrition/diet habits. He prides himself on being able to help those reach their true potential and perform at their best and inhibit positive change within their lives no matter their level with a sensible sustainable approach.

Having travelled to over 50 countries himself and working with people from different cultures and backgrounds in a variety of fields he has an incredible ability to communicate and deliver his knowledge. Suffering from a collapsed lung twice in his teenage years to then being able to become a certified Divemaster travelling the world. Brett understands the importance of mastering and strengthening our bodies first intrinsic need. THE NEED TO BREATHE!!

When we master our Breath, we master our choices and then we can master our life.

If you would like the opportunity to learn how to take you or your Teams Performance, Health and Recovery to the next level. Get in Touch.

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