Brian Magnus


  • France


I have always been interested in physical wellness, with experience in Yoga, martial arts, and CrossFit, trying to avoid specialization in favor of developing a general approach to wellness. After co-founding Brennos in 2014, a handmade vegan sports nutrition company, I started freediving which helped me gain a concrete insight on breathwork. I followed this learning with the Wim Hof Method, holotropic and the Art of Breath.

Originally from France, I teach both online and face to face (in English, French, Spanish or Italian). My interest is to use the Oxygen Advantage within a framework of mental, emotional, and physical wellness that I have developed. Breathing is a bridge between the body and the mind, and as such, it is a central aspect of my practice. The Oxygen Advantage method brings a solid, structured and effective approach to breathwork and thus, to wellness in general.

My method keeps on evolving and combines philosophy, meditation, breathwork and movement. I am interested in building and sharing with a small circle of enthusiasts who want to raise their standards in personal development, extracting the essence of spiritual practice while being grounded in scientific reality.

To illustrate this, as an Animal Flow instructor, sessions can include movement while using functional breathing and switching to emotional work later on in the session. In terms of coaching methodology, I aim to find the smallest changes that will bring the largest benefits and spark an interest in my clients.

My website along with a foundations program and seminars will be available soon. In the meantime, come connect with me on social media.

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