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Bruno Caverna has 35 years of experiences and studies in martial arts (from Capoeira through Tai-Chi to Systema), is a Watsu therapist, a professional dancer and choreographer, and more recently, an avid passionate free-diver. Above all, Bruno is a teacher driven by self-taught impulses, earnestly interested in everything that concerns human movement, somatic approach, body-mind relationship, breath-work and self-knowledge practices. From his very first professional teaching experience – heading a Capoeira project at a psychiatric hospital back in 1995/96 – Bruno realized that teaching would become his unavoidable fate and beloved obsession.

Ever since, in the past 27 years, Bruno has been uncompromisingly imparting his knowledge and expertise all around the world, communicating in 6 languages and gathering people from all walks of life, a pioneer in creating cross-disciplinary containers and international hubs aimed to converge singularities and differences. In 2012 Bruno founded his own teaching methodology framed as Play-Fight and Liquid-Body Practices, sustained and powered by Formless Arts.

Formless Arts is essentially a philosophical umbrella built upon a meta-position and ethics of action through physical practices: a constant dialogue between the continuum of knowns and unknowns, learning and unlearning, self and other, confrontation and collaboration, vulnerability and integrity

In 2020, after 20 years of a nomadic lifestyle, fluidly based in Europe and Russia, teaching in more than 35 countries, Bruno returns to Brazil and settles down in Bahia. Recently he finished the construction of the Bamboo Temple Retreat Center. Currently Bruno is managing the Center, he teaches all around Brazil. for diverse groups at the same time, he is mentoring his team of practitioners based in Europe. Bruno coordinates the physical events carried out abroad from distance and still offers group and individual movement and breath online sessions.

Buteyko Method and Oxygen Advantage instructorship are Bruno’s recent steps, an invaluable paradigm shift that is allowing him to stretch the horizons and perception towards breath science, physiology and functionality.

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