Candy Alderson
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Candy’s journey into breath work started with yoga and meditation. What started as a practice quite simply to destress the mind, evolved into her way of life, and her career as a yoga teacher in London.

Having experimented with various styles yoga, I was the practice of Ashtanga that stole her heart, and it was in fact Candy’s Ashtanga teacher who gave her his copy of The Oxygen Advantage.  Breath work, or Pranayama, is so talked about it yoga, but Patrick’s Approach offered a fresh look at breathing, one that was less mystical, and much more attainable. Something that everyone was entitled to, providing they have to tools and the inspiration to transform.

This fascination with breathing, actually led her to not breathing, underwater as a freediver. A hobby that requires a focus on breath holding and a calm state of mind. These 3 approaches, yoga, Oxygen Advantage, and Freediving all stand as a core inspiration for Candy’s work as a breath coach.

In 2020 Candy enrolled on her OA instructor course, and she has been working with clients since. One on one, as well as integrating the techniques into her yoga classes, she also runs a weekly online group breathing class.

Happy to work online or in person, with individuals that want self transformation for the purpose of improved physical and mental health, as well as a desire for self-enquiry and personal development.

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