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My name is Carin Soderberg and as a holistic Health Coach I am passionate about helping professionals manage their stress levels, reduce anxiety and boost their mental focus and performance.

The cornerstones of my practice are functional breathing, nutrition, nature and movement. It all starts with the breath and a good night’s sleep. Daily awareness of the breath and the right breathing exercises can instantly calm us down, help us sleep better and prepare us for challenging events at work or in our personal lives.

I have always used the breath to help me through stressful situations or to manage pain, but only when I learned about the Oxygen Advantage method did I understand the greater impact functional or dysfunctional breathing can have on our daily lives as well as our overall health and wellbeing.

Although I mainly work with stress and mental performance related concerns, I also have a special interest in sleep quality and teach functional breathing to anyone struggling with disrupted or poor sleep due to snoring, sleep apnea or any other dysfunctional sleep patterns.

I am based in Kent, UK, but I am equally happy to meet clients in person or over zoom. I offer 1-2-1 teaching as well as courses and workshops.

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