Carlos Mendez
United Arab Emirates


  • United Arab Emirates



Carlos has a background in engineering but decided to expand his knowledge and pursue his passion for Health and Fitness. In the past 12 years he has undertaken 24 certifications from 7 Lesmills Group Fitness Programs to 6 Different styles of Yoga. In addition to this he has been certified in the Lagree Method, Pilates Mat and Reformer Repertoire with focus of Neuromyofascia Release, Personal Training L3, Franklin Method L2, Animal Flow L1, Pelvic Floor Specialist. Recently he has completed the certification for Oxygen Advantage (OA) which made a significant improvement in all the previous methods. The science behind OA impacts the way people will understand Yoga Breathing, Pilates Breathing, Animal Flow Breathing, and feel it for themselves with the first simple exercises.

Carlos wants to help as many people as possible, hence why he is always educating himself in the latest developments in the Health and Fitness field, including topics related to rehabilitation of medical conditions. His Sister is recovering from her second brain tumor surgery wherein Carlos applied OA exercises that helped her reduce the “episodes” she was frequently dealing with. Carlos takes any client seriously and is willing to help with all the tools he is equipped with, as long as the client is willing to create a change for him/herself.

You can train with Carlos Face to Face in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates or Online via Zoom or Download ENHAPP application

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