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Dr. Casey Jones is a dentist, former professional dancer, person of faith, wife, lover of life, and mother of two. As someone with dysfunctional and Sleep Disordered Breathing herself, she brings critical thinking and a desire to help each and every one of her patients achieve their best health. She sees each patient as an individual and addresses their care not myopically, but holistically.

As a dentist she sees signs and symptoms of dysfunctional and Sleep Disordered Breathing on a daily basis.  She sees crowded, worn teeth, narrow arches, small jaws, and/or scalloped tongues in patients that often also report suffering from chronic headaches, anxiety, depression, and racing minds. These patients may be waking up several times a night or have difficulty falling asleep. They are also often at higher risk for cavities, gum disease, and tooth grinding.

Not everyone with Sleep Disordered Breathing is “bad enough” to need a CPAP or a sleep appliance. Nor is everyone willing to undergo surgery to change their jaws and improve their airway.

Dr. Jones realized there had to be a different way and that’s what drove her to become an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor. This non-invasive, non-surgical approach of retraining our breathing can be used as a first line of treatment or as a compliment to traditional therapies.

These fairly simple, but potentially life-changing exercises that Dr. Jones will teach you are often a fraction of the cost of traditional CPAP, oral sleep appliances, or surgical approaches and can prompt a lifestyle change that can last lifetime. They will also fit easily into even the busiest of schedules.

Dr. Jones is excited to meet you and tailor a plan for not only improved breathing and oral health, but for your overall improved wellness.

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