Catalina Guzmán Arellano


  • Spain



Catalina Guzmán Arellano is a Certified Personal Trainer and Oxygen Advantage advanced instructor on a mission to help people unlock their full potential, mentally and physically through movement, and breathwork. If you have a body, then you are an athlete.

Currently based in Madrid, Spain. Always learning about strength, movement and mindset extending my fitness approach to a whole new level with the Oxygen Advantage breathing technique, being able to apply it so far during running and workout practice to help Athletes flow, gain focus and confidence with their body and reducing their level of breathlessness on step at a time.

I am interested in helping people correcting breathing pattern disorders in order to improve their performance and mostly, to inspire possibility that we can do so much more with what we already have, improving health and decreasing possible anxiety issues by teaching how to connect again with our own breath and as a result, help people to enjoy their fitness journey. Available to work in bootcamps (reduced groups) or privately (one on one).

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