Catherine Moore


  • Australia


Catherine is a sports physiotherapist and has been practising as a sports physiotherapist working with clients for the past 30 years. Her aim is to improve their physical and mental condition and as a result their quality of life. Catherine has been evolving with new learnings and with the advances in science and continues to update her evidence-based treatment methods. More recently she has trained as an Oxygen advantage instructor and as well as a Buteyko Breathing method instructor.
For personal reasons, Catherine dedicated herself to learning how the breath can change your physiology and mental state. She is testament to how these breathing exercises are a game changer for the population to have a better quality of life. She maintains her fitness with the simple approach that the Oxygen advantage teaches and is greatly encouraged to help others. Catherine is committed to her clients reaching their goals and getting the best outcome they desire.
If you want to improve your breathing with everyday life your chosen sport or just want to improve fitness and wellbeing you will be given a toolkit of manageable, enjoyable exercises. Together we will create a realistic timeline to achieve your goals and delve deeply into the underlying cause of your problems and help you breathe better in everyday life. As a result, you will have a marked improvement in your quality of life.

Moore Health is situated in Redfern in Sydney, Australia. The clinic is a comforting friendly environment that welcomes you to learn more and feel safe with achieving your goals.

Catherine welcomes groups and or individuals of either adults or children to engage in a program to achieve their goals.  Private health cover and enhanced primary care is available under the banner of physiotherapy. She is also available for online consultations from anywhere in the world. I am looking forward to meeting you and teaching you the latest breathing techniques.

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