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I am an endurance athlete with a thirst for knowledge, always needing to know why. Perhaps this is why I became an educator. As I continued down the path of health and wellness I have developed and adopted pillars of importance and a hierarchy of health. Which is breath, movement, and aerobic conditioning.

Nothing in the body works in isolation or perhaps not very well. As a long-time endurance athlete, I initially embraced the no pain, no gain mentality and inevitably had to embrace the pain. By taking a big step back and really looking at how well the body functions when all systems are in harmony. This then led me down the path to a holistic view of training. The breath being the most important, then proper movement of the entire body, and finally aerobic training which focuses on the endurance system within the body. After more than a decade in endurance sports I feel healthier and stronger than ever.

My goal as a coach is to help you in your journey to health. I am a teacher first and a teacher is a facilitator of learning, my job is then to give you the experiences which will enlighten you to the understanding of what true health means, and this starts with the breath. Along with being an Oxygen Advantage coach I am a certified trainer with multiple certifications in movement and endurance. My goal is to get you healthy and create a platform from which you are able to live life to the fullest and accomplish whatever goals you set forth.

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