Chaim Mudde


  • Netherlands



My work as a breathing instructor and Holistic Health practitioner is focused on being in the center of someone’s growth, and where they want to grow to.

My practice is highly individualized and I put my best effort into getting to know the person and learning their language.

The process I take my clients through is looking at life from a viewpoint of past, current and future, and see what kind of connections we can make together for them to be able to live their lives with more harmony, calmness and creativity.

With intention I explore how someone can alter certain patterns in their life so that they can learn how to express themselves authentically in all areas of life and reach the potential that everyone carries with them.

It’s simple, and easily digested and can be applied immediately.

My work is done with people from all walks of life; Fighters, Athletes, Movement enthusiasts, People who are in business, Yoga instructors, Physical therapists and Bodyworkers, Healers and many more.

Anyone who is willing to commit to growing themselves I welcome with open arms.

I started my journey of learning about breathing around 15-16 years of age when I introduced myself to cold-therapy and the Wim Hof method, without realizing in the time span of 10 years I kept exploring different methods, mostly for myself and my close surroundings. What accelerated it all was taking the Oxygen Advanced Instructor training, I thought I knew a lot, and after finishing it a whole new world opened up to me.

Let’s grow in Unison.

Chaim Ariel

Teach in the Netherlands and Bulgaria and Remotely to anywhere around the world.

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