Chaim Mudde


  • Netherlands


The First time I stepped onto the Jiujitsu mats I found my first passion in life, when I discovered the power of the breath, I found my second. For days I was amazed at how many things were improving in my life while I was improving my breath. Not just my sports performance but things outside of the dojo as well, i got better quality sleep, was able to concentrate better, my overall well being improved, i felt more connected to my body & mind and i found more stillness in my life just to mention a few.

I love working with people and helping them get to their full potential, and I am very confident that the breath plays a large role in getting there.
No matter your walk of life, there is something you can do with your breath to get you closer to your goals, dreams and ambitions, leaving you feeling more grounded, having higher energy levels, a greater focus and an improved quality of your life.

I live in the Netherlands but can and will teach globally online.