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Discovering and studying with Oxygen Advantage® has dramatically improved my performance, overall health and well-being. I have integrated OA™ light, slow, and deep breathing into my day-to-day activities and have seen incredible results. Practising the simple OA™ exercises has enabled me to improve my Parkrun PB by more than 2 minutes in six months, and I’m still improving!

My focus is helping people achieve their goals and personal bests at 5km, triathlons, marathons and other amateur sporting events through dedicated nasal breathing practices.

As a qualified swim teacher and endurance multisport enthusiast, my teaching and practising have led me to explore the importance of breathing. The more I learn, the more I want to share this straightforward but transformative practice with others so that they find balance and focus and improve overall well-being and exercise performance. Other benefits include improved sleep quality and managing stress & anxiety more effectively.

During our sessions, I will support and guide you to develop optimal breathing by exploring the Oxygen Advantage® technique. The great thing about this breathing practice is its suitability for people with respiratory issues such as asthma. I will devise a training plan based on your specific needs using Oxygen Advantage® approved breathing exercises.

I teach online and face-to-face. I cover a large area based on the border of three large counties Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire. There are options for small group classes online or one-to-one Zoom sessions tailored to your particular goals. I also offer on-site corporate sessions for staff well-being and sessions for older adults and children. You can book me for teaching in leisure centres or wellness centre settings.

Please get in touch with me via my website or social media for more information.

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