Charlotte Dupinay


  • France



Charlotte is a Yoga teacher, Buteyko and OA® breathing for Yoga Instructor, based in Paris

Since the very beginning, Charlotte was passionate about the relationship between mind, environment and body. As a Fine Art student she started to investigate around her vision of a place inhabited and crossed by intensities, nurturing her understanding with sociology and phenomenology concepts.

The idea of a body as a place to connect and feel was a perfect match when she discovered Yoga practice. After her graduation, she decided to go to India for her first Astanga training where she deepened her practice, started extending her philosophical knowledge and fell in love with pranayama.

After few years teaching Yoga,Pranayama and exploring the relationship between posture and breathing practice, she finally learned about the scientific breathwork studies and methods and became a OA® and Buteyko® Instructor.

Hanging at the crossroad where Yoga practice and science meet, her teachings encourage you to feel, to love and recognize what is really suitable for your breathing and physical needs in order to find more well being and empowerment in your practice.


I am currently living in Paris  where I teach face to face and online classes. My clients can be athletes looking for better performance and feelings, yogis to deepen their understanding of their breathing practice or more in a therapeutic spectrum individuals looking for help with various issues (stress, asthma, insomnia…) I really enjoy all of this different aspects of my work  and I learn a lot from all of them.

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