Chloe Phelps


  • Australia



Hello, I’m Chloe.

I’m a Physiotherapist and Sport Scientist based in Perth, WA.

For the most part of the last 10 years, I have been gaining valuable experience in the sporting industry. I spent 5 years as Medical Coverage Coordinator at Sports Medicine Australia and have worked in Head Trainer roles at Claremont Football Club in the West Australian Football League (WAFL) and more recently at Fremantle Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL).

I became an Advanced Instructor in the Oxygen Advantage method to add to my clinical skill set along with respiratory muscle training and the treatment of breathing pattern disorders.

I created The Breath Society initially to satisfy my passion for all things breath. The Breath Society can be considered a supportive and trusted source of information for anyone interested in how training the breath can be of benefit to us. It’s now an area where I combine my Physiotherapy and Sport Science knowledge to deliver science-based breathwork techniques in the context of sport and high performance or to those with respiratory illness.

I treat clinically out of LifeCare Physiotherapy in Claremont and look forward to working with you.

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