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My name is Christian Baier, I have a strong passion for health and solving problems through connecting the dots. I discovered the power of breathing by accident, without knowing much about it, I found that when I was breathing a certain way it would completely change my decision making in stressed situations. I did not understand why so I started to search for answers, in the process of that I found Oxygen Advantage, then suddenly everything made sense and I started to connect the dots in regards of performance, health and facial development.

If I can help other people to change their lives a small fraction of how much it changed mine it will be worth every investment of time and effort. When you hear from clients that they suddenly can sleep like they have not been able to since they were a child or that their performance during exercise constantly is improving with their new way of breathing it makes you feel like you are helping people.

I am located in Memphis TN/ USA but I travel a lot in USA, Europe and Asia as an equestrian trainer. My passion is helping people of all ages solving problems but also work with improving sports performance and breathing in equestrian sports.

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