Christian Coccia


  • Netherlands


As a ‘Health & Performance Coach,’ I view individuals as integral parts of an interconnected system where various internal and external factors interact and impact each other. When clients seek my guidance, we holistically manage their body’s systems, addressing biomechanical, biochemical, and psychoemotional aspects. Ultimately, I empower them to become self-coaches, providing them with the tools for optimal daily performance.

My educational background is uniquely tailored to my Health & Performance Coach role. I hold an MSc in Psychology, a certification from NASM, and specialized training from Elite HRV and Bioforce Conditioning, among others. This diverse knowledge base and my experience in corporate management and elite sports as a national athlete helped me develop a holistic but measurable approach. Language: Italian, Dutch, and English

My approach: I offer measurable, personalized programs from 3 till 12 months, including online lessons (streaming), 1-on-1 coaching, and customized plans. I use biofeedback (HRV), coaching techniques, sports methods, and regular RSA and breathing techniques.

What to expect: Learn energy management, address physical limitations, manage stress, sustain performance, and understand true performance value (beyond media claims).

Oxygen Advantage took my coaching to the next level, providing crucial insights into breathing techniques and their impact on health and performance. With this knowledge, I now possess essential tools to empower my clients, helping them achieve their goals efficiently while avoiding overload.

I coach online and offline in The Netherlands and in Italy.

My clients today: entrepreneurs (70%), people recovering from cancer and hormone therapy (20%), athletes who want to keep performing without risk of injuries and overload (10%).

I’m passionate about enabling sustainable daily performance. This requires individuals to achieve balance, learn practical techniques for recovery, stimulation and development, and attain unconscious competence.

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