Christopher Parker


  • Australia


I have an eclectic therapeutic background with several qualifications in health, exercise, and personal support. I have my own clinical business AMNH and have been teaching remedial therapies in the vocational setting for many years. I coach out of the True Technique gym in North Brisbane. I use the Oxygen Advantage model of breath work in the clinic and as the foundation skill required to improve health and reduce symptomatic tension associated with poor breathing and posture. In the classroom with my students to help with long days of study, and in the gym in combination with ground-based movement to improve stability and mobility.

Personally, I use the Oxygen Advantage model of breath work as my daily wake up activity, with meditation, and movement. During my day in classroom breaks, and after work in my wind down routine, then finally with my family as our pre-sleep calming routine. I love the Oxygen Advantage framework because it is easy to apply, yet versatile enough to be useful in many ways, and still provides good opportunities for growth and personal challenge. Most of all though, the benefits of breath work are rapid, easy to measure, and have very observable and tangible benefits to my health, posture, and mobility.

I generally work face to face as a clinician with health enthusiasts, or people effected by chronic long-term conditions. I am keen to explore the opportunities of online coaching given the changing environment in recent times. I can be contacted through my website (see below) and am happy to discuss how I can assist you in obtaining your goals.

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