Ciara Christensen
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Techniques approaching ways to connect with the mind and body as a whole, are far more superior than techniques approaching the mind and body in pieces. As a psychologist, I endeavor to teach individuals the value of learning ways to connect with both as a whole. Emphasis is placed on empowering individuals with the ability to learn techniques that they can develop and take with them no matter where they are and it starts with the breath.

While there continues to be a lot we can learn from mind and body interventions in order to better manage experiences like pain, anxiety, and stress – learning breath work and how it is interwoven into the fabric of our health and wellbeing is a crucial first step.

I look forward to and enjoy adventuring with individuals from all walks of life. Their stories and life experiences captivate my attention. In this space, there is a reciprocity of shared experiences and learning. I learn from them, and in exchange, they learn from me how they can step through a portal – a doorway inward, enabling them to access their mind and body as a whole – a place for transformation to occur.

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