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Friends! Welcome, I am very glad that you’re here. If you’re here you are looking for something and someone to help you. Someone to help you feel better in your body. Someone to help you feel better in your mind. Someone to help you quiet the chaos and anxiety in your body. Or maybe you’re looking for a program and a person to help give you the edge as an athlete, go harder, recover better.

Those are all the reasons that I’m here. As a coach and an athlete, myself in Plymouth, New Hampshire, I am always looking for new and/ or effective techniques for myself and my athletes (there is athleticism in walking, we are all athletes in my eyes.) My clients range from the grandmother/ grandfather of 3 that are just trying not to lose any more mobility or time with their loved ones. To the athlete trying to shave seconds off their last race and everyone in between.

I specialize in expanding movement capacity (mobility), breath training, cold exposure and strength and conditioning. Breathing, education about breathing and breath training are the fundamentals to all other capacities and functions in our bodies. I offer online coaching in the form of one on one sessions to six week programs. I also do in person training and retreats and am really up for any opportunity to share the knowledge that I have with anyone that will listen. I love geeking out on this stuff and I also love giving you the tools to accomplish the goals that you have set out for yourself.

Let me know how I can help. I’m an email away.

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