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Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C. is “The Leadership Guide”, working with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and C-Suite Executive Leaders to unlock their Heroic Potential, Evolve into Legendary Leaders, and Emerge into who they were meant to be! Cody does this through Coaching, Speaking, and on his Top 1% Podcast, “The Leadership Guide”!

Cody investigated the “Leadership Development” world and noticed something – Leadership Development Doesn’t Work!

Billions of dollars are wasted every year, and leadership success continues to dramatically drop! Cody studied why this occurs and developed a system called “Leadership Evolution”. Part of Cody’s discoveries is that a Leader’s Physiology is as important as their leadership skills, which is why he became an Oxygen Advantage Instructor. With his clients, Cody uses Oxygen Advantage techniques, as well as other systems, to help leaders understand how their physiology impacts their leadership, so that they can Evolve into Legendary Leaders. Cody is based in Austin, TX and works with clients in person and online around the world.

Cody is a devoted Christian, a Certified Behavioral Analysis Consultant, and an active individual. He is a Second Degree Black Belt, Spartan Athlete with Multiple Trifectas completed, former NCAA D3 Lacrosse Player, and an avid runner. He is certified with multiple organizations including: Oxygen Advantage Instructor, John Maxwell Team Coach, Optimize Level 2 Coach, Future Force Coach, HeartMath Coach and Mentor, Original Strength Coach and Pro, Animal Flow Coach. Cody’s a former member of the “Forbes Coaches Council”, an Advisory Board Member for “The Future of Business Coaching, was a “Next Level of Inspirational Speakers” Nominee, “Extraordianarian Award” Finalist, “Excellence in Education Award” Finalist, and has received an “EIPPY” Award for his work in Leadership. He’s in the top 2% of EQ’s in the world, and is an IHIQS Member (Top 5% of IQ’s in the World).

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