Dan Stone
United Kingdom


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An avid cyclist, I am on the lookout for improvements to training, technique and nutrition. Whilst modern science has built a framework to improve different aspects of this for people in general, everyone still needs to find what works for them. When it comes to the fundamentals, there is one aspect that is often overlooked, applies to and benefits everyone, which is the breath. Approaching this in terms of the endurance and fitness model, the muscles that control breathing also need training (or perhaps re-training away from bad habits).

Becoming an Oxygen Advantage Instructor has given me an insight into the importance of functional breathing in every aspect of life, not only sports performance. This particular approach provides the basis to shape the condition of any athlete or person to a different degree when compared with other breath work programs that I have come across. The focus on the long term conditioning of the body and mind makes this methodology stand out.

Whether you are looking to find an edge in your sports performance, or dealing with that thing people call ‘stress’ at work feel free to get in touch. I have seen noticeable improvements in people of different ages.

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