Dana De Ridder


  • Belgium



I’m Dana, I live in Belgium and work as a Pharmacist Assistant as well as a Nature & Breathing Coach. I love nature, the outdoors & I’m always looking for better ways to be in balance with my mind & body. Because I strongly believe we are capable of so much more than we think.
On the other hand, I also see & feel we lost a lot of our connection with ourselves, our bodies & how we can benefit from silence. To find silence, the peace within, it is not the same as standing still. We forgot how to do that, or that there is effectively a difference. And to connect all together the breath is maybe or most powerful tool to do so.

I will teach or guide individuals outdoors to a stronger overall human being. To become more in balance, but most importantly to feel in touch with themself as with nature through the tools of nature itself & the human body. More specifically the Oxygen Advantage course, how to breathe in a healthy way to maintain an optimal connection with ourselves.

In the Pharmacist environment I wish to reduce the amount of nose sprays & the use of tablets for all kinds of nose/breathing problems. I believe there lies a huge way to help & prevent people even more.

In my normal day life, I love being a mom of a beautiful daughter. Together we enjoy long walks with our border collie. So, nature is my home & I’m nature.

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