Daniel Pålsson


  • Sweden



Daniel has a background from professional tennis and financial trading on Wall Street, ran a handful of ultramarathons, long experience in yoga and currently trains crossfit almost daily. An avid practitioner in breath training for many years and have applied the Oxygen Advantage breathing method for several years with a focus on how it can be integrated seamlessly in sports, work and life in general. Daniel offers breathing and sleep courses, using the Vimify app and scientific devices to track progression. The Vimify app and the devices are used mainly to induce Flow to ensure sustainable high performance and working towards realizing the full potential of the person. The main metric that is tracked is HRV and Daniel has an Elite HRV certification from 2020.

Daniel also has a podcast called Flow Switch (on Spotify and Podcaster etc.) where he interviews people in various fields on how they use high performance habits. The high performing habits could be breathing but other ones such as sleep, goal setting and mindset are typical topics. Flow Switch essentially means focus on demand using various key habits in a structured and reproducible way.

Daniel can be reached at [email protected] and lives in Malmö, Sweden.

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