Daniel Sjödin


  • Sweden


My name is Daniel Sjodin is a Dr.of naprapathy, personal trainer and a mental training practitioner and based in Stockholm, Sweden. I have always strived to help people to increase their quality of life and when I came in contact with Oxygen advantage, my belief in the body’s incredible competence and adaptability was strengthened.

I am convinced that in order to reach your full potential no matter what your life goals are, we must look at the fundamentals, and that is the breathing. I see many people and especially young people who feel bad physically and mentally with fragmented focus and high expectations in this rapidly changing world. We must teach our young people, but also parents, adults who become role models and the sports movement methods to deal with this and breathing is an important part that is often overlooked.

I coach individually, online or in groups.

Do you also want to achieve:
Minor pain
Better sleep
Increased focus and concentration
Improved circulation
Mental strength
Optimal recovery
Less worry
Better sports performance
Stronger recovery

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