Daniela Matei


  • Germany


Yoga and sports (skiing, cross-country skiing, running, hiking) are an integral part of my life since many years. They kept me going and staying sane during a long, intense career time. I spent nearly 30 years in leadership roles in multinationals, but now I’m happily out of that rat race. My work’s purpose is to support and inspire people on their personal development journey, as Personal Growth Mentor (and Yoga teacher, Certified breathwork facilitator and Yoga Nidra teacher.)

After assessing individual needs, I design a tailored-program made of mentoring talks and a unique mix of:

*Yoga Asanas – building strength and flexibility, stimulating recovery, bringing stress relief and relaxation.

*Breathwork – from ancient Pranayama to the modern, science-backed Oxygen Advantage techniques, to calm the mind, sharpen focus and revitalize.

*Meditation and Yoga Nidra – to strengthen the body’s relaxation response and just be, here and now.

Oxygen Advantage helped me switch completely to nasal breath in all sports activities, with improved VO2 level, less overall fatigue and an increased sense of well-being. Having felt directly its huge positive impact, I decided to become an advanced instructor, add the OA to my toolbox and start spreading this much needed and extremely effective technique. Whether you want to grow on your career path, to regain health and maintain a balanced life, whether you’re an amateur or professional athlete interested in improving performance, or a stressed executive, in need of focus, clarity and better relaxation, the Oxygen Advantage is an important part of your journey forward.

I’m based in Munich, nevertheless, I do a lot on Zoom with clients in different countries; private 1-1 sessions, as well as some group classes (Yoga Nidra, Breathwork & Meditation)

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