Daniela Pešková
Czech Republic


  • Czech Republic


Founder of Breathwork.cz.
A charismatic and inspiring woman with a strong intuitive ability to perceive others.
In her professional career, Daniela has been working in the field of corporate services for more than 15 years, specifically in organizing conferences and corporate events and incentive travels.
Daniela is by heart and soul a great athlete, being a multiple finisher of the Ironman races and the Utraman 515 race (10 km swim, 421 km bike, 84 km run).
She is a happy mom and a loving wife. Thanks to sport and a very demanding period with almost a year stay in the hospital after the birth of her daughter with a serious heart defect, Daniela began to systematically and intensively practice a healthy lifestyle. Part of its development is, among other things, research into the impact of respiration on children’s health and the study of healthy breathing in the work environment.

Daniela has completed dozens of professional courses, educational programmes and certifications in the field of breathing, wellness and healthy nutrition, including: LIFE AWARENESS Breathwork Instructor, Wim Hof’s methods, SOMA Breath, Pranayma Breathing and Meditation course by LAP, QiGong.
Daniela is a certified Breathing instructor at Buteyko Clinic International and Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor.

Daniela is happy to provide services to everybody who wants to improve their overall health with main focus on busy managers and people under great working stress, corporate clients. Daniela loves to work with children on their healthy habbits improvements.

Daniela is a very positive and inspiring personality; with her energy she leaves behind a clear trail of followers.

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