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Darin Davidson, MD is an Orthopaedic surgeon who is passionate about practices for the healthcare athlete, a polyvagal theory informed approach to promoting health, wellness, and sustainable high performance. 

A polyvagal informed paradigm is utilized as the foundation to integrate mind-based and body-based skills through which we can improve health and wellbeing, promote sustainable high performance and decrease the risk of burnout. These skills include meditation, mindset training, breathing, recovery, nutrition and hydration, and exercise. Integration of technologic devices to monitor and support recovery are included as well. It is through the deliberate integration of these skills from a polyvagal informed lens and using both a top-down and bottom-up perspective that we can be at our best for ourselves and those around us in all aspects of life. 

Breathing is a particularly powerful skill with which to impact our biology and the principles of Oxygen Advantage are integrated as a foundation within the polyvagal informed perspective embodied within the practice of the healthcare athlete.

Darin Davidson, MD Consulting offers coaching and consulting for individuals and groups interested in promoting health, wellbeing, and sustainable high performance from a polyvagal informed perspective. In person coaching is provided in the Seattle, WA, USA area and online services are available as well. While the emphasis is on healthcare professionals, any individuals interested in this approach to health and wellbeing are welcome and would benefit from this paradigm.

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