Dario Carpenito


  • Australia


Since I became a freediving instructor in 2017, I have developed a strong curiosity and passion about breathing and its benefits when performed in the right way.

I started practicing yoga, pranayama, mindfulness and I read several books about the topic to acquire as much knowledge as possible and then one day I came across the Oxygen Advantage book by Patrick McKeown.
While I was reading it I started to practice the exercises described, noticing day by day improvements in my daily life and as a freediving instructor as well, such as, more energy, focus, concentration, calm, greater sleep, better sports performance.

Well, after I experienced the extraordinary benefits of this practice on myself, I decided to jump on board and I completed the Oxygen Advantage instructor training program.

Now I`m here, with the opportunity in my hands to show you the power of the breath and how an appropriate breathing pattern can change your wellbeing for the better.

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